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Pricing Options with Physically Based Exercise and Random Maturity

Hurricane bonds are uniquely structured to comprise two exercise conditions: a physically based condition that the underlying hurricane makes landfall at a pre-specified location and a...

Author: Carolyn W. Chang, Jack S. K. Chang and Yalan Feng
Journal: Journal of Insurance
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The Effects of Life Expectancy and Financial Crisis on the Stock Market Development in Africa

The African stock market remains underdeveloped despite the increased number of stock exchanges in the region characterized by low market capitalization, volume and illiquidity.

Author: Bamanga Umar, Sabri Nayan
Journal: Global Business Review
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Foreign Direct Investment and the Supply of Life Insurance in Emerging Countries

While the relation between foreign direct investment (FDI) and financial development is an important topic that has been examined in prior literature...

Author: James M. Carson, Pei-Han Chen and J. François Outreville
Journal: Journal of Insurance
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Does Financial Permeation Induce Economic Growth? Evidence from SAARC Countries

This study empirically inspects the question of whether financial permeation promotes economic growth.

Author: Md Nur Alam Siddik
Journal: Global Business Review
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Assessing the Effect of Financial Literacy Among Managers on the Performance of Small-Scale Enterprises

The small-scale sub-sector continues to be a fundamental catalyst for job creation and economic growth in Ghana. About 35 per cent of labour is provided by the sub-sector and shows the importance of...

Author: Joseph Kwadwo Tuffour, Awurabena Asantewa Amoako, Ernestina Otuko Amartey
Journal: Global Business Review
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Financial Stress Transmission from Sovereign Credit Market to Financial Market A Multivariate FIGARCH-DCC Approach

This study examines the interdependence between the daily eurozone sovereign credit default swaps (CDS) index and four financial market sectors such as banking CDS market (CDSb)...

Author: Riadh El Abed, Sahar Boukadida, Warda Jaidane
Journal: Global Business Review
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Financial Development Institutional Quality and Inclusive Growth in Africa

We investigate the relationship between Financial Development (FD) and Inclusive Growth (IG) unlike extant literature whose concentration has been on economic growth, which we refer to as wholesale growth...

Author: Ntow-Matthew Gyamfi, Godfred A. Bokpin, Anthony Q. Q. Aboagye, Charles Godfred Ackah
Journal: Global Business Review
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The Impact of Behavioural Finance on Investment Decision-making A Study of Selected Investment Banks in Nigeria

In this study, the impact of behavioural finance on investment decision-making using a selected investment banks was investigated. A total of 200 questionnaire items were administered...

Author: Olubunmi Edward Ogunlusi, Olalekan Obademi
Journal: Global Business Review
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Trade Credit as a Determinant of Firm’s Financial Performance Moderating Role of Bank Financing

The objective of study is to find out the impact of trade credit on a firm’s financial performance and how this effect diversifies when enterprises acquire bank loans to finance the trade credit channel.

Author: Umar Farooq, Jaleel Ahmed, Khurram Ashfaq,Mosab I. Tabash
Journal: Global Business Review
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