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Trade Credit as a Determinant of Firm’s Financial Performance Moderating Role of Bank Financing

The objective of study is to find out the impact of trade credit on a firm’s financial performance and how this effect diversifies when enterprises acquire bank loans to finance the trade credit channel. To achieve the objective, we employ the data of 6,654 non-financial-sector firms from 12 Asian economies and apply fixed-effects model to estimate the regression. The statistical output of the model provides consistent evidence that the firms that adjust their trade credit activities through bank financing perform better financially. Acquisition of bank loans to expand the trade credit activities is a healthy financial activity because it provides financial setbacks in case of any fluctuation in trade credit. However, acquiring bank loans when firms have no operational need for such types of funds can disturb their financial health. Briefly, the analysis provides novel evidence that efficient usage of bank loans into physical business activities can intensify financial efficiency of corporate firms. The analysis provides financial guidance to corporate managers that before entering into any trade credit terms, they should ensure the availability of bank loans because it provides a strong financial pace against any financial shock.

Author - Umar Farooq, Jaleel Ahmed, Khurram Ashfaq,Mosab I. Tabash
Journal - Global Business Review

Source - https://doi.org/10.1177/09721509211036860