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Examination Policy

Think Twice - "Exams for studies or Studies for Exams"

Assessment for studies done over a period of time is the objective of any Examination. Studies for Exam would defeat the purpose of education and would turn the entire system redundant and futile. Hence, the Institute strongly recommends every candidate to carefully choose the Examination date only when he/she feels their study now requires a routine check of correctness.

Not qualifying the examinations does not anywhere indicate failure, but a reflection of areas that require more attention for being a better professional tomorrow. Hence, the candidates should take the assessment as a blessing in disguise, reflecting timely, the weaknesses and also identifying the scope of improvement.

The candidates should strictly adhere to the following protocols:

  • Candidates enrolled for IFRA® are free to choose the examination dates as per their own convenience.
  • Candidates enrolled for IFRA® should carefully choose the examination dates. No withdrawal options are allowed for skipping one or more papers.
  • In the event of incomplete submission (on whatsoever grounds), the institute would not consider any alibi, thus considering the assessment as final.
  • A candidate is also not allowed to defer the examination schedule. Therefore, no deferrals are permitted.
  • As a re-registering candidate, an additional program enrollment fee is not required; however, you are required to pay an exam registration fee for each exam as determined by the fee schedule.
  • Deferment of registration fees is not permitted.
  • There is no policy for refund of fees.
  • Registration of one exam at any time is permitted.
  • Registration forms must be duly filled and timely mailed to the Institute.
  • Examination schedules are flexible and the candidate should choose a convenient date and time.
  • The curriculum and suggested readings may change from year to year and the assessment would be based on holistic lines, not just sticking around the curriculum.
  • Any form of unethical practices or unfair means adopted by the candidate would lead to immediate termination of candidate’s enrollment and also blacklist the candidates profile on the institute website.
  • A blacklisted candidate would be debarred lifetime from enrollment of any program of the institute, sister concerns, associates and affiliates.