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Frequently Asked Question

Some frequently asked questions have been answered to make the process easy for the students, however if there are still certain questions that you have in mind please feel free to write us on the appropriate mails.

1. I do not have a commerce background can i pursue IFRA®?

Yes, anybody can pursue IFRA®, you need to clear the entrance test and qualify the basis eligibility criterion laid down by the Institute.

2. Is there any study material support given from the institute?

The institute does not support reference to a limited study material and hence would give an access to an e-library where students can read and download reference books and other material. However there is no end to knowledge and the institute expects the students to clear the concepts by referring to all possible reliable sources of information.

3. What is the research project all about?

Through the research project the institute intends to judge the level of knowledge and research ability imbibed by the student. The application of learning and ability to express the creativity and ideas is yet another objective behind the research report. Successful submission of research project is crucial for clearing any level.

4. How many attempts are permitted to re-appear for the Level Exams

A student gets maximum 10 attempts to clear each level Exam

5. What is the Passing Percentage for the Level Exam?

A candidate has to score atleast 50% to pass any exam

6. What is the total duration of the IFRA® program ?

There is no total duration of the IFRA® program. The enrollement of the student stays valid life-time. However, it is advisable to complete the program in a continuation as the content would get upgraded from time to time.

7. If the entrance test is not clear in the 1st attempt, can we re-appear the test?

Yes, there are maximum 3 attempts permissible for Entrance Test

8. Do we have to pay a fee for the entrance test?

Yes, there is a nominal fee of Can $ 10 for each attempt of Entrance Test. Refer to the Fee Structure

9. Can we write the exam in different languages?

No, the examination would only be conducted in English Language

10. Is there a fix date to appear for the exam?

No, the students have the flexibility to choose the examination date any time after 6 months of enrollment date.

11. What is the objective of Entrance Test?

With an objective to convert every student into the finest Research Analyst, the institute ensures the applicant has an APTITUDE for Research. In the interest of student career and society at large this test would help people choose the right career and avoid a scenario of a misfit profession.

12. What would happen if due to some technical reason the examination is not complete?

Incomplete submission of exam (due to any reason) would be considered as ‘Not Cleared’, and the student has to re-appear the exam.

13. If the exam is not clear, what would be the next examination date?

The re-exam date can be opted flexibly by the students any time after the examination.

14. Do we have to pay the examination fee again for taking the re-exam?

Yes, the examination fee has to be paid every time the exam is re-scheduled. Refer to the Fee Structure

15. Is there a maximum number of years for which the registration is valid?

No, the registration stays valid forever.