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    Academy of International Financial Research Analysts
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    Research.. The backbone for Global Growth
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    International Financial Research Analyst
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International Financial Analyst Course Online

As the next genertaion most reputed professionals, IFRA would be the torch bearers in the process of exploring the new oceans of knowledge. With a view to see every IFRA as the most ethical and productive Researcher, the IFRA Academy is very stringent and particular in selecting those who are best fit to be future IFRA.

Research is a specialized activity and not everybody has an aptitude for Research. Above all the eligibility criterion mentioned below a scholar intending to get enrollment to IFRA Program has to clear a mandatory 'Entrance Test' in Maximum 3 Attempts.      

IFRA Academy, opens the gates to all those who have a flair and desire to explore their potentials in the areas of research.  It a life-time opportunity to be a part of the most sought-after and respected fraternity of ‘International Financial Research Analysts’.


Eligibility Criterion for  IFRA™


1.    The applicant should have a strong research aptitude.

2.    The applicant holds a bachelor's (or equivalent) degree, or

        The applicant is in the final year of bachelor's degree program*, or

        The applicant has atleast 3 years of professional work experience** (any area)

3.    The applicant should be prepared to take the online exams and other evaluations in English.

4.    The applicant has to abide by the rules and protocols laid down by the IFRA Academy

5.    The applicant has to sign, adopt and abide the Professional Code of Conduct.


*The applicant would not be allowed to enroll for level-2 until the degree is earned.

**Part-time or short-duration projects do not qualify for experience. 



The Step by Step Journey of IFRA is depicted below: 




 Fee Structure






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