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External Debt and Economic Growth in Niger: A Vector Autoregression and Variance Decomposition Analysis

In the quest for quick economic development, many Sub Saharan African (SSA) countries borrow money to...

Author: Issoufou Oumarou
Journal: Economics and Business
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Financing Investment under Uncertainty: The Case of Payout Reductions in Globally Listed Maritime

This study explores whether payout reductions represent an alternative source of...

Author: Ioannis Chasiotis, Maria Giaka, Dimitrios Konstantios, Vasilios-Christos Naoum
Journal: Theoretical Economics Letters
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Investor Characteristics and their Impact on the Decision to use a Robo-advisor

We survey 231 undergraduate students to analyze how retail investors’ characteristics influence their decision to use...

Author: Andreas Oehler, Matthias Horn, Stefan Wendt
Journal: Journal of Financial Services Research
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Financing sustainable entrepreneurship: ESG measurement, valuation, and performance

Sustainability orientation has a positive effect on startups' initial valuation and...

Author: Sasan Mansouri, Paul P Momtaz
Journal: Journal of Business Venturing
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The Digital Credit Divide: Marketplace Lending and Entrepreneurship

We conjecture that marketplace lending provokes an increase in the quantity of...

Author: Douglas Cumming, Hisham Farag, Sofia Johan, Danny Mcgowan
Journal: Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis
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Small fish in big ponds: Connections of green finance assets to commodity and sectoral stock markets

We analyze return and volatility connectedness of the rising green asset and the well-established US...

Author: Muhammad Abubakr Naeem, Sitara Karim, Gazi Salah Uddin, Juha Junttila
Journal: International Review of Financial Analysis
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Recessions and the stock market

An event study approach is adopted to investigate the drivers of the stock market around... 

Author: Tim A Kroencke
Journal: Journal of Monetary Economics
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The first real estate bubble? Land prices and rents in medieval England c. 1300–1500

This paper tests for speculative bubbles in the medieval English property market based on a unique hand-collected dataset from the...

Author: Adrian R Bell, Chris Brooks, Helen Killick
Journal: Research in International Business and Finance
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Does digital finance lessen credit rationing?—Evidence from Chinese farmers

This study examines whether digital finance (DF) makes a marginal contribution to the relaxation of...

Author: Yueli Xu, Zhan Peng, Zhaojun Sun, Huanqi Zhan, Shuai Li
Journal: Research in International Business and Finance
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