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Capital account liberalization, financial dependence and technological innovation: Cross-country evidence

We study how capital account liberalization affects technological innovation. We provide robust evidence that industries more dependent on...

Author: Xun Wang
Journal: Journal of Banking and Finance
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Social capital, finance, and consumption: Evidence from a representative sample of Chinese households

Using a sample of Chinese households, we study how a type of social capital, private social networks, affects access to...

Author: Robert Cull, Li Gan, Nan Gao, Lixin Colin Xu
Journal: Journal of Banking and Finance
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Bond liquidity and investment

This paper examines the effects of bond liquidity on firms’ investments. We postulate that bond liquidity increases firms’ investment opportunities by...

Author: Laura Casares Field, Anahit Mkrtchyan, Yuan Wang
Journal: Journal of Banking and Finance
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Sources of Finance for Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in Poland

This paper aims to present and discuss the already existing studies and try to uncover possible potential for further research on...

Author: Roman Osinski
Journal: Central European Economic Journal
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Herd behaviour in foreign exchange market

This study examines the presence of herding behaviour in the forex market of Pakistan. By analysing the daily returns of...

Author: Anam Yasir, Umar Safdar, Yasir Javaid
Journal: Journal of Economic Structures
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An investigation into the livelihoods strategies of informal women traders in Zimbabwe

This article investigated varieties of livelihoods strategies employed by some informal women traders doing business at...

Author: Stella Chipo Takaza, Chipo Chitereka
Journal: Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
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Empirical examination of relationship between venture capital financing and profitability of portfolio companies in Uganda

In recent times, venture capital (VC) financing has evolved as an alternative feasible funding model for...

Author: Ahmed I. Kato , Chiloane-Phetla E. Germinah
Journal: Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
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Do investments in human and physical capital respond differently to financing constraints?

Using a representative sample of European firms, we study whether financing constraints affect employers’...

Author: Giorgio Brunello, Áron Gereben, Désirée Rückert, Christoph Weiss, Patricia Wruuck
Journal: Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics
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Re-visiting the Armey Curve Hypothesis: An Empirical Evidence from India

The present study aims to examine the relationship between government size and economic growth in...

Author: Neha Jain, Niharika Sinha
Journal: South Asian Journal of Macroeconomics and Public Finance
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