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ESG Concept As The Newest Determinant Of Corporate Risk Management Strategies Of Multinational Enterprises

Within the rapid development of the world economy in recent decades, the growth of stable financing, including the increase in the number of...

Author: Mykhailo Rushkovskyi
Journal: International Journal of Management and Economics Invention
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Testing market regulations in experimental asset markets – The case of margin purchases

Margin requirements regulate the risks of leveraged positions in financial markets. Violated margin requirements trigger margin calls leading to...

Author: Sascha Fullbrunn, Tibor Neugebauer
Journal: Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization
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Differences in tax evasion attitudes between students and entrepreneurs under the slippery slope framework

We raised a question of differences in declared tax evasion attitudes between students and entrepreneurs under...

Author: Larissa M Batrancea, Janusz Kudła, Barbara Błaszczak, Mateusz Kopyt
Journal: Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization
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The fiscal response to the Italian COVID-19 crisis: A counterfactual analysis

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented worldwide event with a massive impact on the economic system. The first Western country that had to face the COVID-19 crisis was...

Author: Giovanni Di Bartolomeo, Paolo Dimperio, Francesco Felici
Journal: Journal of Macroeconomics
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The shadow of sanctions: reputational risk, financial reintegration, and the political economy of sanctions relief

Financial sanctions have become a major component of American foreign policy. Since 2015, the number of blacklisted actors...

Author: Raynor, Benjamin
Journal: European Journal of International Relations
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Exchange rate and balance of payment crisis risks in the global development finance architecture

We analyze exchange rate and balance of payment crisis constraints when multilateral development banks...

Author: Alfredo Schclarek, Jiajun Xu
Journal: Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money
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Impact of Deficit Financing on Economic Growth in Nigeria

This study examined the impact of deficit financing (DF) on Nigeria’s economic growth from 1984 to 2019.

Author: Ogwueleka Chisom Frances, Uju Regina Ezenekwe, Amaka G Metu, Obisike Ndubueze Ezindu, Uzoma,Kelechi Promise
Journal: International Journal of Management Studies and Social Science Research
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Financial constraints, ownership dilution, and the method of payment in M&A transactions

The method of payment choice in merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions has been the subject of much research in...

Author: Ericde Bodt, Jean-GabrielCousin, Micah S.Officer
Journal: Journal of Corporate Finance
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The value of CSR during the COVID-19 crisis: Evidence from Chinese firms

Using a sample of 3013 Chinese listed firms, we study the impact of Chinese firms' corporate social responsibility (CSR) engagement on their...

Author: YuyangYi, ZongyiZhang, ChengXiang
Journal: Pacific-Basin Finance Journal
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