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Expectations and the Treasury Bill-Federal Funds Rate Spread over Recent Monetary Policy Regimes

This paper shows that the spread between the 3-month Treasury bill and the federal funds rate has significant predictive power for...

Author: David P Simon
Journal: Journal of Finance
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Idiosyncratic Variation of Treasury Bill Yields

I document a dramatic increase in the importance of two types of variation in Treasury bill yields beginning in the early 1980s.

Author: Gregory R Duffee
Journal: Journal of Finance
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Do Momentum-Based Strategies Work in Real Estate Investment Trust?

Research on the time series momentum for the Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) is rare in the existing literature. 

Author: Terence Tai-Leung Chong , Hugo Tak-Sang Ip, Yuchen Liu
Journal: Asian Journal of Economics and Finance
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Dynamic Impact of Unconventional Monetary Policy on International REITs

In this paper, we estimate the dynamic impact of unconventional monetary policy in the US on international REITs.

Author: Hardik Marfatia, Rangan Gupta, Keagile Lesame
Journal: Journal of Risk and Financial Management
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Analyst Forecasts during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence from REITs

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupts capital markets and confuses decision makers. This event represents an opportunity to better understand how financial analysts forecast earnings.

Author: Paul Anglin, Jianxin Cui, Yanmin Gao, Li Zhang
Journal: Journal of Risk and Financial Management
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How Singapore’s Sovereign Debt Risk Has Changed from 2016 to 2021

In this paper, I build an economic model and adapt it to fit Singapore’s economic and historical background.

Author: Tara Kou
Journal: International Journal of Finance and Economics
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Political environment and financial crises

This paper assesses the role of the political environment in the timing of financial crises over a sample of 85 countries during the period 1975–2017.

Author: Thanh C. Nguyen, Vitor Castro, Justine Wood
Journal: International Journal of Finance and Economics
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Leverage in family firms: The moderating role of female directors and board quality

Grounded in the agency, socioemotional wealth and resource dependence theories, we study how debt decisions are influenced by family control and how...

Author: Jannine Poletti-Hughes , Beatriz Martínez Garcia
Journal: International Journal of Finance and Economics
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Financial integration in the EU28 equity markets: Measures and drivers

We examine time-invariant and time-varying market integration across European stock markets.

Author: M Nardo, E Ossola, E Papanagiotou
Journal: Journal of Financial Markets
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