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Promoting China Inclusive Finance Through Digital Financial Services

While much progress has been made in promoting inclusive finance through the ownership of a basic personal account, billions of people in developed and emerging markets are still underrepresented in financial services. 

Author: Md. Morshadul Hasan, Lu Yajuan, Shajib Khan
Journal: Global Business Review
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Corporate Debt Overhang and Credit Policy

Many business sectors and households face an unprecedented loss of income in the current COVID-19 recession, triggering financial distress, separations, and bankruptcy...

Author: Markus Brunnermeier And Arvind Krishnamurthy
Journal: Brookings Papers on Economic Activity
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Is a Long War Desirable? Optimal Debt Concessions in Attrition Warfare

The present paper extends the Alesina and Drazen (1991, American Economic Review 81, 1170-1188) war of attrition model by including a concession round...

Author: Maxime Menuet
Journal: Annals of Economics and Statistics
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Financialization Economic Structure Change and the USA China Trade War

Under conditions of financialization, finance capital develops relatively independently from the real economy of the United States. As a result, the United States has to rely heavily on external markets to buy consumer goods...

Author: Wanhuan Cai
Journal: World Review of Political Economy
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