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Automated Market Makers and Decentralized Exchanges: A DeFi Primer

Recent advancements in decentralized finance (DeFi) have resulted in a rapid increase in the use of Automated Market Makers (AMMs) for creating decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

Author: Mohan Vijay
Journal: Financial Innovation
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Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) : Why do they Succeed?

Recent literature has addressed initial coin offering (ICO) projects, which are an innovative form of venture financing through cryptocurrencies using blockchain technology.

Author: Jose Campino, Ana Brochado & Alvaro Rosa
Journal: Financial Innovation
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Liquidity Connectedness in Cryptocurrency Market

We examine the dynamics of liquidity connectedness in the cryptocurrency market...

Author: Hasan,Mudassar, Naeem,Muhammad Abubakr, Arif,Muhammad, Shahzad,Syed Jawad Hussain, Vo,Xuan Vinh
Journal: Financial Innovation
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The Government Deficit and the Long-Term Interest Rate: Application of an Extended Loanable Funds Model to Sweden

Applying and extending the open-economy loanable funds model, this paper finds that more government deficit as a percent of GDP leads to a higher...

Author: Yu Hsing
Journal: International Journal of Economics and Finance
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VAR Analysis of the Determinants of the Foreigners' Transactions in Istanbul Stock Exchange

Increasing amounts of capital flows to developing countries and emerging markets tend to stimulate economic activity in these countries...

Author: Bora Ozkan, Ali Hepsen
Journal: International Journal of Economics and Finance
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Demand for Money: Implications for the Conduct of Monetary Policy in Kenya

The paper analyses demand for different monetary aggregates (M0, M1, M2 and M3) in Kenya for the period 1997:4-2011:2.

Author: Moses M Sichei, Anne W Kamau
Journal: International Journal of Economics and Finance
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What Drives Interest Rate Spreads in Uganda's Banking Sector?

This paper investigated the main causes of the continuously large interest rate spreads in Uganda’s banking sector for the 1995 to 2010 period.

Author: Dorothy Nampewo
Journal: International Journal of Economics and Finance
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Macroeconomic Variables, Volatility and Stock Market Returns: A Case of Nairobi Securities Exchange, Kenya

This study sought to evaluate the relationship between Gross Domestic Product, Treasury bill rate, exchange rate, inflation and stock market return in Nairobi Securities Exchange Limited.

Author: Evans Kirui, Nelson H W Wawire, Perez O Onono
Journal: International Journal of Economics and Finance
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On the Effect of Interest Rates Dynamics on Vietnamese Companies

In this paper we set out a framework that will help Vietnamese companies to enhance their interest rate risk management practices.

Author: Nguyen Khac Quoc Bao, Dinh Thi Thu Hong
Journal: International Journal of Economics and Finance
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