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Bibliometric Analysis of Green Finance and Climate Change in Post-Paris Agreement Era

Climate change is undeniably one of the...

Author: Martin Muchiri, Szilvia Erdei-Gally, Mária Fekete-Farkas, Zoltán Lakner
Journal: Journal of Risk and Financial Management
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Investors’ Confidence in the Crowdlending Platform and the Impact of Covid-19

Crowdlending platforms have gained importance in recent years due to...

Author: José María Ferrer, Klaus Ulrich, Cristina Blancogonzáleztejero, Enrique Cañomarín
Journal: Journal of Business Research
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Information Signals and Bias in Investment Decisions: A Meta-Analytic Comparison of Prediction and Actual Performance of New Ventures

This study investigates the presence, direction, and scale of...

Author: Ashish Vazirani, Subhro Sarkar, Titas Bhattacharjee, Yogesh K Dwivedi, Sarah Jack
Journal: Journal of Business Research
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Price connectedness between green bond and financial markets

We study price connectedness between the green bond and...

Author: Reboredo J.C., Ugolini A.
Journal: Economic Modelling
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Corporate bond liquidity before and after the onset of the subprime crisis

We analyze liquidity components of corporate bond spreads during...

Author: Dick-Nielsen J., Feldhütter P., Lando D.
Journal: Journal of Financial Economics
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Illiquidity or credit deterioration: A study of liquidity in the US corporate bond market during financial crises

We investigate whether liquidity is an important price factor in...

Author: Friewald N, Jankowitsch R, Subrahmanyam M.G.
Journal: Journal of Financial Economics
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Digital Finance, Environmental Regulation and Emission Reduction in Manufacturing Industry: New Evidence Incorporating Dynamic Spatial-Temporal Correlation and Competition

Applying the Peking University Digital Financial Inclusion Index from...

Author: Bin Yan, Feng Wang, Tian Chen, Siyu Liu, Xiaoxuan Bai
Journal: International Review of Economics and Finance
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Optimal Financing and Investment Strategies under Asymmetric Information on Liquidation Value

This study develops the real options model to explore how...

Author: Takashi Shibata, Michi Nishihara
Journal: Journal of Banking and Finance
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How Shareholders Impact Stakeholder Interests: A Review and Map for Future Research

Research on how shareholders influence the interests of...

Author: Mark R Desjardine, Muhan Zhang, Wei Shi
Journal: Journal of Management
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