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Bringing Excitement to Empirical Business Ethics Research: Thoughts on the Future of Business Ethics

To commemorate 40 years since the founding of the Journal of Business Ethics...

Author: Mayowa T. Babalola, Matthijs Bal, Charles H. Cho, Lucia Garcia-Lorenzo, Omrane Guedhami, Hao Liang, Greg Shailer, Suzanne van Gils
Journal: Journal of Business Ethics
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Corporate Investment Decision: A Review of Literature

This study is an attempt to review relevant literature on the theme of...

Author: Umar Farooq, Mosab Tabash, Ahmad Al-Naimi, Krzysztof Drachal
Journal: Journal of Risk and Financial Management
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The Effect of Managerial Myopia on the Adjustment Speed of the Company's Financial Leverage towards the Optimal Leverage

The adjustment speed of financial leverage indicates the movement of companies towards the...

Author: Vahab Rostami, Hamed Kargar, Mahdis Samimifard
Journal: Journal of Risk and Financial Management
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Analyzing Safe Haven, Hedging and Diversifier Characteristics of Heterogeneous Cryptocurrencies against G7 and Brics Market Indexes

Cryptocurrency markets have experienced large growth in...

Author: Manoel Gadi, Miguel-Angel Sicilia
Journal: Journal of Risk and Financial Management
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Time Value of Money Application for the Asymmetric Distribution of Payments and Facts of Economic Life

This article is devoted to the applied aspects of...

Author: Ilya Slobodnyak, Anatoly Sidorov
Journal: Journal of Risk and Financial Management
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Factors Influencing the Financial Situation and Management of Small and Medium Enterprises

The ambition of this study was to identify..

Author: Nurul Zayed, Isse Mohamed, Khan Islam, Iryna Perevozova, Vitalii Nitsenko, Olena Morozova
Journal: Journal of Risk and Financial Management
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Determinants of Success of the Young Entrepreneurship: Case of Young Financed by Fier in Segou Region

This research focuses on a less explored subject but ...

Author: Oumar Diandjo Traore, Mohamed Amadou Salia Dicko, Doudou Ben Béchir Niang, Salé Toure, Salia Sinaly Traore
Journal: European Journal of Business and Management
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On the Measurement of Hedging Effectiveness for Long-Term Investment Guarantees

Although the finance literature has devoted a lot of research into the development of...

Author: Maciej Augustyniak, Alexandru Badescu, Mathieu Boudreault
Journal: Journal of Risk and Financial Management
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Consumer Segmentation of Green Financial Products Based on Sociodemographic Characteristics

Many green financial products currently have a low...

Author: Sándor Gáspár, László Pataki, Kos Barta, Gergő Thalmeiner, Zoltán Zéman
Journal: Journal of Risk and Financial Management
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