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Determinants of Success of the Young Entrepreneurship: Case of Young Financed by Fier in Segou Region

This research focuses on a less explored subject but one of considerable importance for the development of the Segou region, mainly the determinants of the success of young entrepreneurs. The objective of this research was to determine the success factors of entrepreneurs (entrepreneurial activities) financed by the FIER Project in the region of Segou. As part of this research, data were collected from a sample of 334 (three hundred and thirty-four) young entrepreneurs who are partners in the project.The results show that six (6) branches of activity were identified which are cattle fattening at 65.3%, followed by sheep fattening at 27.2%, cereal trade at 4.2%, goat breeding at 1.8 %, vegetable gardening at 1.2% ended by the trade of agricultural inputs 0.3%. Almost half of the entrepreneurs interviewed (46.1%) have more than 2 years of experience in their sector of activity, generally between 3 and 4 years. The DFS, partners of the young people in the sample, are CAECE JIGISEME, CVECA/ON, KAFO JIGINEW and NYESIGISO.The results of the logistic regression indicate that the motivation of young people to be their own boss, to value themselves, the experience in the activity, the financing of FIER and the Restitution of the amount received are significant at the threshold of 0.1%, 1 % and 5%. The Wald test confirms variables such as the motivation of the young person, the number of years in the activity, the structure of the financing, the personal contribution, the restitution and the start of production.

Author - Oumar Diandjo Traore, Mohamed Amadou Salia Dicko, Doudou Ben Béchir Niang, Salé Toure, Salia Sinaly Traore
Journal - European Journal of Business and Management

Source - https://iiste.org/Journals/index.php/EJBM/article/view/60564