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    Academy of International Financial Research Analysts
    Evolving world-class researchers...
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    Research.. The backbone for Global Growth
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    International Financial Research Analyst
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    Global Presence

IFRA Academy, International Finance Research Analyst Academy

Our Vision

Providing a platform for those who are born with a flair of research to get converted into the finest, knowledgeable and Internationally acceptable ‘Financial Research Analysts’.


Our Approach

With a vision to convert every student pursuing ‘IFRA’, into the finest research analyst, the institute is very selective in giving admissions. The rigourous selection process is deliberately designed to select only those applicants who have an aptitude of research and an objective to use the content and knowledge in an ethical fashion for betterment of the world.

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What we do

The IFRA Academy, provides a platform not only for aspiring researchers but also to those who have been contributing new insights to the world through their researches and analysis. Our activities include:

  •          Conducting the world’s most comprehensive research program IFRA.

  •          Showcase for existing researches across the world.

  •          Honour and awards the researches done for the betterment of the society.

  •          Facilitating human support to the research agencies and organizations worldwide.         .



Who we are

People are born with research aptitude, we at IFRA Academy just groom and polish the inherent research skills and develop them into fine research analysts. Our advisory panel comprises of researchers from diverse areas. It took years to identify the exact knowledge areas, tools, techniques, softwares and databases that would be instrumental in designing an Ideal Research Analyst.

Our council members are people who have contributed to reseraches in different areas of Finance in different parts of the world. The members have jointly designed and filtered the content in order to ensure that the future Researchers should be well equiped on the front of content, softwares, research tools and techniques. The collective effort of so many researchers have resulted in creation of IFRA.  


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